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journals of sylvia plath

p. 245 the ghost of the unborn novel is a medusa-head. (in horror of it, frozen by it..)

p. 256 fox possession, fave dishes of magical foxes, from  possession: demoniacal and other: oesterreich p. 94  on a certain day at four o’clock there were to be placed in a temple sacred to foxes and situated twelve kilometers away two vessels…

p. 270 writing is a religious act:  it is an ordering, a reforming, a relearning and reloving of people and the world as they are and as they might be…it feels to intensify living:  you give more, probe, ask, look, learn and shape this: you get more: monsters, answers, color and form, knowledge you do it for itself first.  (italics mine)

p. 272 god’s luminous fingernail, a shut angel’s eyelid (of the new moon on its back)



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