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Lambda Lupi

New fiction out now in the December issue of Thrice.  Footnotes to be found in the Double Star Catalog.

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where the water etches the glasses like sandstone

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novel images n a scrappy outline

new zines ‘OU’ and ‘softly because’ available at inquiring minds in new paltz and roos arts in rosendale.

i like the idea of a zine as a warmup to a novel.  a novel outline in images and scraps.

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by my leftwrist twist

bookmarks for ‘only revolutions’

((you were there.))


p. 9     i’m too multiple to feel.  a fork ahead.  i take both.

p. 27   not me.  can’t feersick me.  i’m all.  the all safe.  ever once.  ever there.  allways unsafe.

p. 30   but my role commands the ultimate toll.

p. 36   I wish for him all the falling snows of Winter.

p. 43   he retreats.  so rare my taste.  he returns.  so rare my taste.  a dozen kisses unfinished.  half kisses.

p. 173  i’m allways moved by the manners of going away.  so i stay.

p. 240  he is my North.

p. 264  Life’s the death a Love still gets when Love is finally over with.

p. 315  I carry the pack of all we have.  just a taste.  because i Love him and it’s never too late to keep a World.

p. 355  the World spins and to blow it away would forfeit all the World allready Loves of him


p. 36    I promise for her all the falling snows of Winter.

p. 245  but life’s big.  if you can’t fix it, give it a spin.

p. 264   Love’s the breath a Life still lifts when Life is finally over with.

p. 274.  dwarf sirens die.  recluse spiders die.

p. 286   we’re allways around.  shattering these groves with our untimely freeze.

p. 305   there’s only one curve.  delicate with the centrifugal theft of all i never kept.

p. 317   hug her knees, ring her waist, embrace the spin of our ever pressing haste.

p. 325   across this strange meadow allready hung with the passings of forever.

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